Getting the Monthly Payment Surcharge Removed

Once I began digging into the lease paperwork more thoroughly, I realized that the amount shown as my monthly payment to lease the credit card terminal I will never use was less than what I was being charged.

I called Northern Leasing to inquire.

As it turns out, the monthly lease payment as shown is only valid if I file proof of insurance on the CREDIT CARD TERMINAL I WILL NEVER USE.

So I emailed my business insurance rep to request a copy of my policy, showing business personal property coverage at $25,000.

I sent this to Northern Leasing and they refused it, saying that Northern Leasing had to be specified on the policy as a Loss Payee for the amount remaining on the lease and the replacement value of the CREDIT CARD TERMINAL I WILL NEVER USE.

I acquired a new copy of my policy with Northern Leasing as a Loss Payee, and sent this in. The next month, my payment went down by a few dollars to $58.69 per month, as indicated in the lease.