Northern Leasing Responds to BBB Complaint Jan 2016

You can read it yourself. Northern Leasing responded by, not surprisingly, citing chapter and verse from their extremely well-worded lease that has no escape.

There’s not a word in here about customer service, except the title of the woman writing the response. Nothing about ethics or the pros and cons of charging someone for something they have never been able to use and will never use, leased to them on false pretenses.

Interestingly, the letter included a copy of the lease, which I took the opportunity to review. I am not including it here because it contains my social security number and other personal details.

Toward the bottom, there is a section where MX Merchant Services, going by yet another name in this instance, signs over the equipment to Northern Leasing. So I am paying $59/month for equipment I will never use, which did not even belong to Northern Leasing in the first place! MX Merchant Services owned the little CREDIT CARD TERMINAL I WILL NEVER USE, and plugged it in at my office, then signed me up for a 48-month lease and signed the equipment over to Northern Leasing. Which means Northern Leasing isn’t even an equipment company. They are a lease servicing company. Which would explain why they are so very good at writing leases and collecting payments!


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