Oh, Did We Forget to Tell You About the Annual Fee?

In December, in addition to theĀ 58.69 I have to see on my bank transactions each month that makes me curse, there was an additional charge from Northern Leasing of $25.

I called to find out what this was, and was told it was the annual fee for my account. Great.

This gave me renewed interest in cancelling the lease, even though I knew I would have to pay all the future payments upfront. I requested a payoff amount. It was about $2,400. Since I could either pay it in a lump sum or continue paying $58.69 per month for the next three years, it seemed like a bad decision to pay it all upfront, from a cash flow point of view. I could use that $2,400 to pay off credit card debt that is charging me interest. So I declined to take the pay off amount.

Instead, I will remain infuriated and apparently I will pay an annual fee of $25. For a CREDIT CARD TERMINAL I WILL NEVER USE.